Makeup Basics Kit: A List of Makeup Products For Beginners

Makeup Basics Kit: What are some essentials you need to include?

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What are some basics you need for your makeup kit?

When you’re at the beginning of your makeup journey, it can be really difficult to know what you actually need. 

Shiny object syndrome is real and the feeling you need to buy everything you see can be overwhelming. I don’t need to tell you that the makeup industry is ever-expanding and thousands of new products are being released every week.

I’ve been there. 

So where do you start?

The purpose of this post is to help you with the following:

  • a basic list of makeup products for beginners
  • good ideas to include in a makeup starter kit for beginners
  • How to put together a basic makeup kit for $35

A list of makeup products for beginners

I love a good list. 

So… I thought to myself, how do I put together a “makeup essentials list” for people like you to take shopping so you know what to buy?

I started by going through my dresser and picking out the products that I wear every day and couldn’t do without. I really kept these to the bare minimum so I could keep this as simple, cheap & easy as possible for you.

This is what I came up with, in the order that I apply them (just because that seemed like the easiest way to do this!):


  1. Foundation
  2. Concealer
  3. Bronzer
  4. Blush
  5. Mascara
  6. Eyebrow pencil
  7. Eyeliner


  1. Foundation brush
  2. Beauty blender
  3. A face brush

How to build a makeup kit for beginners

makeup kit for beginners

Okay, so now you’re at the point where you have some ideas about what should be in your makeup kit.

Let’s go shopping! 

**remember to take your list with you** 😉

I’m going to go through all of the above one by one to give you some ideas on how to pick the right one for you.


bottles of foundation

It doesn’t need to be a foundation it just needs to be something that’s going to provide you with a base color. I use foundation as an example as this is the most common type of base people choose to use.

If you are considering your options and aren’t sure what will work for you, have a look here for some comparisons to help!

What the foundation is going to do it help:

  • even out your complexion
  • cover any imperfections such as redness or pimples
  • provide a smooth and even skin tone

Finding your shade 

This can be tricky to get right, especially if you’re new to makeup. Here are a few tips that are going to help you out:

  • Go to a makeup store where there is an assistant who can color match you. They will try different shades of makeup on your skin to see which one matches you the best.
  • If you’re going it alone, try the foundation on your cheek and not on your hand. Your hands are unlikely to be the same color as your face and so when you get home and try it on, you might be sad to find it doesn’t match! Try it on your cheek and blend it into your neck to be sure it’s the right one for you.
  • A reminder that your skin is unlikely to be the same color in summer and winter! You may need to buy a different shade when the season’s change and so does how tan your skin is.


NARS Concealer

You should pick a concealer shade that is about one shade lighter than your foundation color.

Concealer is going to help to cover up any dark spots such as under-eye bags. It’s going to help the area look brighter (and less tired *win*).

To apply the concealer, we will use a beauty blender. I’ll link to some of these when we come to brushes below but it’s basically a makeup sponge.

Wet the sponge very slightly.

Don’t overdo the concealer. Just put a couple of spots underneath your eyes and blend in using the damp beauty blender. Once you’ve done one eye, you’ll really notice the difference in how tired your eyes look as it will cover up those dark circles!

Blush & Bronzer

Blush and bronzer

I’ve put these together for a reason.

I want you to try and find a palette that both of these in it as it will save you $$$. There are so many palettes you can get for a really good price that has blush, bronzer, and even highlight all in one palette. Look at this one from Revolution Beauty!

There are a lot of different blush options out there, and I’ve looked at a few of them in this post here if you want to learn more. 

The purpose of the bronzer is to help give some definition to your cheekbones and give you some color back into your face once you have applied your base. The base color can sometimes leave you a bit washed out so bronzer will help to give your cheeks some definition.

Blush adds the rosiness back into your cheeks and gives you a nice healthy glow. 🙂



Mascara is going to give some color and length to your eyelashes; bringing definition to your eyes.

There are lots of different types of mascara out there depending on the kind of look you want for your eyes (i.e. natural, long-length, dramatic, etc).

When you’re just trying things out, it doesn’t really matter what type you get.

Something like this one will do great.

Eyebrow Pencil

It doesn’t need to be a pencil, it really depends on how thick your natural eyebrows are and the kind of look you are trying to achieve.

Something like this is great as it has a brush (also known as a”spoolie”) at the end. This means you can use the pencil and brush your eyebrows into shape at the same time.

If you want an all-round brow product, try this one. It really has everything you could need for the perfect eyebrow look.

When you’re first trying out the process of grooming your eyebrows, it can be tricky to get right.

A few pointers to remember:

  • Don’t make your eyebrows too dark. Keep close to your natural eyebrow color or just slightly darker if you want a more defined look.
  • Don’t make them too big. Keep things quite natural and follow the natural shape of your eyebrows. They are sisters, not twins! They are therefore both going to look a little different from one another.
  • There are so many YouTube videos where you can learn how to style your eyebrows! Try them out and see what works for you.


woman applying eyeliner

Pencil or liquid: it’s up to you!

The liquid is going to be more difficult, especially if you want to get that coveted wing on fleek! Liquid gives a more defined line than a pencil. I like to use a product like this one that looks more like a pen. It feels easier to control when you’re applying it.

For a softer look, choose a pencil like this one. You can use this on your waterline and your lid to just give a bit of extra definition.

Brushes for your makeup basics kit

makeup basics kit - makeup brushes

Ahhh I love brushes!

It is so tempting to buy all the brushes. When you’re just starting out, and following the above list, I’d say what you need as a minimum is the following:

  • A foundation brush
  • A face brush
  • A beauty blender

Foundation Brush

There are lots of different types of foundation brushes you can buy.

I would recommend something like this one as opposed to a traditional foundation brush. It is going to give you a smoother finish. Put a little bit of foundation on your brush, or directly on your face (less is always more!). Blend the foundation in, remembering to take it down and blend it into your neck so as to not have a different color face to neck. Nobody wants that.

Face Brush

You can buy different brushes for blush and bronzer but when you’re just starting out, I don’t think it’s really necessary! Just get yourself a medium-sized face brush like this one and it will do it all for you.

Beauty Blender

You can use this for your foundation and your concealer if you like. It takes a bit of getting used to when you start but does give a smooth, clean finish.

I like to use these for my concealer and so I’m recommending you to use it for that, too.

You can buy a Beauty Blender or something cheaper like this one to start with. Remember what we talked about above and make the sponge slightly damp before using it to blend your concealer.


Makeup Basics Kit for $35!

make up bag with cosmetics

Okay… saving the best for last! Here are products you can buy to put together a basic makeup kit for $35. This is based on prices at Ulta:

  1. Foundation – Wet N Wild – $3.29 
  2. Concealer – Wet N Wild – $2.29 
  3. Blush & Bronzer palette – E.L.F. – $4 
  4. Mascara – Essence – $3.99
  5. Eyebrow Pencil – L.A. Girl $2.24 
  6. Eyeliner – Essence – $2.99 
  7. Foundation Brush – Essence – $5.49 
  8. Face Brush – E.L.F. – $6
  9. Beauty Blender – Ulta – $4.99

Total: $35.28 


Do you think you would be able to put together a makeup basics kit for yourself now?

I hope so!

Just remember that makeup is supposed to be fun. Have a play around with things and don’t take it too seriously! Learn at your own speed and do what works for you.

Do you have any questions or things you would like to see that I’ve missed out? Let me know!

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