Best Lipstick for dry lips – 5 lipsticks for you to try!

How do I find the best lipstick for dry lips?

Woman applying chapstick onto her dry lips

What is the best lipstick for dry lips?

If you have dry lips, you’ll have been through this scenario too many times. You spend aggeeeesss putting on lipstick and making sure it looks neat, fabulous and accentuates your naturally plump lips.

It feels like as little as 5 minutes have passed until you end up with the dreaded *child playing in mommy’s makeup bag* kind of look.

Like seriously?

Why did I bother?

Your lips feel like you’ve been eating sand and you end up looking for a tissue just to wipe that nightmare off.

Does this sound familiar to you? Me too.

You need to get your hands on a lipstick type that is moisturizing, long-lasting and pigment rich. I’ve got 5 suggestions for you below for different looks, so you can find the best lipstick for dry lips that suits you.

Best long lasting lipstick for dry lips

lady with red lipstick and beads on top

If you’re looking for something long lasting, I would definitely recommend the Nars Powdermatte liquid lipstick. 

Now, I’d normally advise you to steer well clear of matte lipstick and especially matte liquid lipstick. They are, by their nature, drying which is a no-go for those of us who already have dry lips. (If you want some more information about liquid lipsticks, check out our post here!)

A friend gave me her NARS liquid lipstick to try (back when that was a thing…Corona, right?) and I was amazed at how well it stayed on.

I promise you.

I’ve never used a matte like it.

After a night of eating (too much) and drinking (too much) it looked exactly the same as when I’d applied it earlier in the evening. It’s the most long lasting lipstick I have ever tried.

If you want a lipstick for dry lips, this has got to be one to try. I am sure you’ll agree when you try it.

Let me know in the comments when you do!

Best sheer lipstick for dry lips

5 colored lipsticks in a row

Sheer is more difficult than matte to make long lasting for obvious reasons. The pigment is generally not as strong and therefore it’s quicker to come off. It is, however usually more moisturizing, which of course is great if you have dry lips.

My recommendation: Urban Decay.

It’s the best brand I have used for stay-ability that isn’t too matte textured.

The lipsticks have a really buttery smooth feel to them that applies really easily, while not compromising on color.

Best matte lipstick for dry lips

dark brown matte lipstick

So we spoke about the NARS lipstick above and I still stand by that one.

Can you tell I love it?

As for a matte lipstick lipstick, I recommend the HUDA Beauty Power Bullet matte lipstick.

Apart from having packaging that is absolutely beautiful, this range from HUDA Beauty is a really strong matte that stays put once you’ve applied it. There are also so. many. colors. that you’re never going to run out of options to choose from.

These lipsticks aren’t cheap. I would recommend choosing a color to start with that is going to be a real “go-to” color for you. If you’re spending a lot on a lipstick, you’re going to want to use it as much as possible! Once you love it, stock up on these babies!

Best drugstore lipstick

drugstore makeup store

If you’re looking to try a new lipstick but don’t want to spend a fortune, I get it! I’ve got so many sat on my dressing table gathering dust that it feels wrong to be spending money on new ones.

I can hear them saying “pick me!” 

So if you can get one that’s not too expensive, it feels more acceptable. Right? Right? 

If you’re looking for something long-lasting that’s also a reasonable price, I would recommend trying this one by Revolution Beauty

Revolution Beauty is so perfect for products that feel high-end at drugstore prices. Their products are so affordable while not compromising on quality.

Best high-end lipstick

chanel lipstick and nail varnish

Did I mention I really like the NARS Powdermatte Liquid lipstick?

Okay i’ll stop now, I promise.

If you have the money and are looking to treat yourself to something a bit more fancy, I love Pat McGrath.

The lipsticks are so pretty and have a really soft, buttery feel to them. They just ooze quality and are so divine.

A little tip though – because they are so soft, keep your lipstick somewhere cool if you can so that you don’t risk it melting! They come in a really lovely box that would be perfect to keep it in when it’s in your handbag. 🙂

Best overall lipstick for dry lips

woman applying red lipstick

Do I even need to say it? I think you can probably guess what my answer is going to be here (lol).

I really do truly recommend the NARS lipstick above. It’s just got such staying power and doesn’t leave your lips feeling any more dry.

Second to that, I would recommend trying Pat McGrath. It’s such an underrated and under appreciated brand, in my opinion. The products are beautiful and the luxury smooth texture of the lipstick is going to make your lips feel soft and moisturized.

I hope this is helpful! Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!

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