Best Blush Color For Every Skin Tone!

How to pick the best blush color for your skin tone!

Group of beautiful girls with different types of skin tone

Every single one of us has a slightly different skin tone.

What works for some doesn’t work for others.

Thankfully, there are literally hundreds of different color blushes out there to choose from.

It has never been easier to pick the best blush color for every skin tone!

In this post, we are going to look at the best blush color for fair, medium, and dark skin tones.

I’ll deal with them each in the following order, so please feel free to skip down to the right one for you 🙂

  • Fair Skin Tones
  • Medium Skin Tones
  • Dark Skin Tones

Best Blush Color for Fair Skin Tones

What is the best blush color for fair skin?

If you have fair skin, you probably find it difficult to buy makeup that is not too dark for you (even the lightest ones!)

Buying a foundation that’s a match is really tricky and when you try on blush, it makes you feel like you have two big bright-pink patches on your cheeks! I know that’s probably put you off in the past but there are ways you can use it to really accentuate your skin tone so long as you get the right color.

Very Fair Skin

two women with very fair skin and blue eyes

If you have very fair skin, it can have a look of being almost translucent.

Both stepping out into the sun and the cold cause your cheeks to flush!

You’re probably thinking to yourself, so what’s the point of adding blush when my skin is red already? 

Using blush as part of your routine can actually help to accentuate the rosiness of your cheeks purposefully. Either after you’ve added foundation, or just on its own, a little bit of the right color blush can help give your very fair skin a healthy glow.

No matter what you might thank, you’re not stuck to only wearing a pale pink.

The best blush colors for fair skin are soft pink, peach, or coral.

Each of these will be soft against your skin tone and not as harsh as using a deeper pink or a red.

As a tip, don’t use too much product in one go. Instead, try dusting a small amount of powder on your brush and tap off the extra. just add a little bit to your cheeks. Keep doing this until you reach the point of color-richness you want.

It is so much easier to build up the product than add too much and have to start again! 

Fair Skin

Woman with fair skin and orange blush

With fair skin, you’re a little bit more tan than very fair (kind of obvious, I know!).

You’re likely to just have a bit more color to your skin so can get away with a little bit more.

You might have more of a yellow undertone to your skin as opposed to a pink one with very fair skin.

So what blush color is best for fair skin?

Pretty much the same as above!

With a yellow undertone, I would recommend using the coral tones more than the pinks and you could probably even try something with a bit of orange (like the picture but maybe a little more…subtle!).

As with the above, keep it simple to start with and build it up when you’re confident you like it.

Best Blush Color For Medium Skin Tones

If you’re a lucky lady who falls into this category, there is a lot of choice as to what blush color is going to work for you.

The term “medium skin tone” covers a lot of different skin types and colors as you might imagine.

Marie Claire states, “Medium skin tends to have green or yellow undertones that can easily look sallow, especially if you use warm, orange-hued blush.”

We could really break down skin colors into sooo many different categories but for this post, I’ve listed a few different skin types and colors below to give you some ideas on what might work for you if you fall into the medium skin tone category!

Fair to Medium Skin

woman with medium tan skin tone and light blush and bronzer

Maybe you are normally fair but have a bit of tan? Blessed with a natural sun-kissed skin tone?

If this sounds like you, there are lots of different blush options for you to try.

Especially something with a shimmer to it if you’re rocking your summer tan! 

Try a warm, glittery peach to simply show off what you already have. If you want something that feels a bit richer, try a cranberry or even a mauve.

It’s best to stick to a light application with these colors to make sure it isn’t too overpowering.

Don’t forget to add a bit of bronzer to accentuate your natural glow. 

Golden Skin

asian woman with soft skin pink blush color

Golden skin tones like Asian skin tend to have more of a yellow undertone which can make the skin look and feel a little sallow at times.

Warmer blush tones are going to be your go-to colors. An apricot or a dark rose will work wonders in adding some brightness to your skin.

They will flatter your skin tone and bring out your natural color in your cheeks.

Try something that has a bit of a shimmer to it which will give you a beautiful ethereal glow!

Deeper Medium Skin

indian woman with rich dark skin and light blush

Deep, medium skin tones like in Indian skin are more forgiving to trying different shades than some others.

You can afford to be a bit more daring!

An apricot color blush works really well on a medium skin tone as it is bold yet not too much. It adds warmth to the skin and accentuates the warm color of the skin.

As well as apricot, a peach blush works really well. Try and find a blush with a gold shimmer to it for something a bit more special.

The warmth of your skin tone means you can also pull off a warm red or a blusher with some purple tones in it. Your skin tones works beautifully with these deeper colors when you want a show-stopping look!

As with any of the other blush colors, start the application light and build up to your desired depth of color!


Olive Skin

woman with olive skin and soft pink blush on cheeks

It’s hard to define “olive skin” but it somehow seems to be the coveted skin tone! (it’s not hard to see why).

So what is the best color blush for olive skin?

It is important to pick a color blush that is going to complement your skin tone rather than cause a clash.

Try something in an orange, peach, or even a rose to fuchsia pink shade will look great for a more “dressed-up” kind of look.

Best Blush Color for Dark Skin

With darker skin tones, it can be difficult to find a blush that both feels like it suits you and also has the depth in the pigment to really feel like it gives you the look you want.

There’s nothing more disappointing than finding a blush color you love, putting it on and then…there’s no difference.

So what blush color works well with darker skin tones?

Light-brown skin

Beautiful black female model with light brown skin and coral blush

Light-brown skin tones have a warm undertone that really suits colors in the orange range such as terracotta and even a warm brown. Think of “brick” tones like orange, deep red, gold, and you can’t got too far wrong…

They help keep the warmth in the skin while brightening up any areas that feel a little yellow or even green-tones.

Don’t be afraid to look for a color that has accents of gold glitter. This will look beautiful against the warmth of your skin tone.

Deep Brown Skin

black woman with deep skin tones

Deep skin tones like the model above require a blush to match the intensity of the richness of the skin.

Anything else can leave you looking washed out and simply won’t do you skin justice.

Something with red tones will work really well to look bright and warm against the skin while not looking too unnatural! While a red may feel like it’s simply “too-much”, applied in moderation, it looks fresh and clean!

Check out this one from NARS


Very Deep Brown Skin

black woman with very deep skin tone

Just stunning. The absolute dream of skin tones for blush as you can really go bold and it will look incredible.

You’re going to need something that really packs a punch so you get the maximum effect.

If you pick something that’s a pale pink or something without any real pigment to it, it’s not going to do your skin any favors.

Instead, try looking for a bright pink, a deep red or a purple. You could even try a warm terracotta or orange.

Again, there’s no need to go overboard. Simply build up the color to your desired look. Choosing something with a slight shimmer or glow will again highlight your natural features and create a stunning, dewy and healthy look.


A Few Extra Tips When Choosing The Best Blush Color

  • Try using a cream or gel blush and even apply a powder over the top. This works especially well for a long-lasting, brighter look and is particularly good for those who might have oily skin and find it difficult wearing only a cream blush. Have a look here for tips on cream blushes.
  • As I’ve said throughout, apply your blush by building it up a little bit at a time until you get the look you want!
  • Think about investing in a blush palette – that way you have the chance to try out lots of different colors without spending too much money!

How To Pick The Best Blush Color For You

Hopefully this helps you when you are picking out your next blush color!

As a takeaway, just remember the following quick tips:

  • Fair skin – peach and soft pink colors
  • Medium skin – rose pink, apricot and peaches
  • Dark skin – reds and oranges

The most important thing to remember? Makeup is supposed to be fun!

Don’t worry too much about what works for you and what doesn’t, just enjoy the process of experimenting to find out what blush color works for you and that you like! 

Do you have any thoughts on the best blush color for every skin tone? Let me know in the comments!


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